A New Leaf

Furnishings and Gifts

74 and 75 Commonwealth Ave, Concord MA | 978-341-8471 | Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm, Some Sundays | info@a-newleaf.com

How To Consign:

- You must have an appointment, so that we can be prepared for you and have time ready.

- Large items can be reviewed prior to an appointment by emailing pictures and information to info@a-newleaf.com.

- Please pick only your top 15 (or fewer) items. At this time we can only take in 15 or fewer items per appointment.

- Your items MUST BE CLEAN, as well NO STAINS, SCRATCHES, CHIPS and in working order with all pieces.

- Think of what condition and price you would consider when buying something - again, it can not be dirty, chipped, or scratched.

- If you know something unique about your item, feel free to share.

- The consignment time is 60 days. If your item has not sold by the 60th day, and you have not retreived the item or contacted us regarding it by that time, it becomes the property of A New Leaf.

- Items will remain at the agreed price for 30 days, after which they will be discounted 30%.

- You will recieve 40% of selling price. Your check will be available for pick up at A New Leaf after your consignment period.